Dr. Omorog seeks APNIC funding for e-Gov system research

College of Computer Studies Dean Dr. Challiz D. Omorog of the Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges has sought funding support from the APNIC Foundation for her proposed research on the College’s e-Gov system which has been gaining support from various LGUs in Camarines Sur.

According to Dr. Omorog, her proposed research is focused on the enablers and barriers of e-Government adoption in selected LGUs in the province. The research aims to uncover the reasons for the program’s acceptance or rejection, particularly for the LGU constituents, the results of which are expected to help draft policies or guidelines in enhancing the implementation of the e-Gov services. Such data according to Dr. Omorog will eventually serve “as a guide for system designers and developers, future researchers, government offices, and citizens as e-government becomes a way of life regardless of a nation’s readiness for adoption.”

The proposed research project was estimated to cost Php147,852.00 with expenses covering the cost of access to research databases, publications and datasets, advisor/mentor fees, research assistant fees, communications support for professional editing and others.

The APNIC Foundation will review the funding request and may fund it fully or partially depending on its alignment with the SWITCH SEA objectives, budget availability, completeness and quality of the proposal. The researcher will also be required to update their training plans and learning journals and keep track of goals and define indicators based on the approved proposal. The College and/or Dr. Omorog will have the intellectual property rights as the result of the research support received.

The request for funding was submitted on October 19, 2021

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